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Who is my Advisor?

1.  Are you a Music Major or Minor?

  • Major, skip to question 2
  • Minor, skip to question 4

2.  Are you enrolled in MUS 353 or 776 or 450? Have you ever enrolled in MUS 353 or 776 or 450?

  • If yes, skip to question 3
  • If no, skip to question 4

3.  Is your teacher’s name listed in the above table?

  • If yes, your teacher is your advisor
  • If no, skip to question 4

4.  Refer to the “last name begins with” list above to determine your advisor.

Advising for Bachelor of Arts

Advising for Bachelor of Music

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Your Last Name Your Advisor Focus
A-C Nikolas Nackley, Undergraduate
D-H Jassen Todorov, Undergraduate
I-Q (SPRING) Wendell Hanna, Undergraduate
I-Q (FALL) Cyrus Ginwala, Undergraduate
R-T Hafez Modirzadeh, Undergraduate
U-Z David Xiques, Undergraduate


Music Minors

A-Z Cyrus Ginwala, Undergraduate
Graduate Students (A-Z) Ben Sabey, Graduate

All School of Music majors and minors are assigned to a faculty advisor. If you do not know who your advisor is please contact the School of Music office at

  • When B.M. major completes MUS 221, 222 AND 223, they automatically satisfy C1 (Arts) 
  • When B.M. completes any two of these MUS 550, 551 and 552 , you automatically satisfy UD-C (Arts) 
Two people working and writing together

Undergraduate Advising

Majors in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) should consult with two advisors each semester:

  1. an advisor in the major and
  2. a general education and university requirements adviser in the Undergraduate Advising Center

Students who are completing a minor or an additional major should see an advisor in those programs as well.

Graduation cap on person with hand up

Graduate Advising

Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Ben

The Division of Graduate Studies offers counseling and advising regarding issues ranging from applications to graduation. Visit the Graduate Advising Center