Ensembles and Ensemble Requirements

Majors who are enrolled in applied lessons, must participate in ensembles, as assigned. Wind, brass and percussion majors, who are enrolled in 60 minute lessons, must enroll in both orchestra and wind ensemble.  String majors must enroll in orchestra. String players enrolled in 60 minute lessons may satisfy the remaining ensemble requirement by enrolling in chamber music or wind ensemble.

GE Area C Upper Division (UD-C) Arts Requirement in Ensembles 

To earn GE:

  1. Do NOT sign up for MUS 3xx. Instead, register for the odd-numbered section of MUS 400 (400-01, 400-03, etc.) which corresponds to your ensemble. You will be automatically enrolled in the correct even-numbered section as well.
  2. If students are enrolled in more than one ensemble in a given semester, they may enroll in only one MUS 400.
  3. Students who pass MUS 400 may not repeat it. If they want to continue ensembles in future semesters, they should use the MUS 3xx number.
  4. Students may enroll in MUS 400 once.

The following ensembles are available for MUS 400. Check the course description on the class schedule to locate your ensemble.

  • MUS 371 Orchestra                       
  • MUS 372 Wind Ensemble                 
  • MUS 388 INSTRUMENTAL Jazz Combo
  • MUS 379 Univ. Chorus                   
  • MUS 374 University Pep Band        
  • MUS 388 Vocal Jazz Combo              
  • MUS 373 Ch. Singers                        
  • MUS 375 Treble Singers                     
  • MUS 376 Opera Workshop               
  • MUS 378 Chamber Music                  
  • MUS 390 Jazz Band                          
  • MUS 386 Afro Cuban Ensemble    
  • MUS 387 Schola Cantorum         
  • MUS 388 Brass Ensemble

MUS 3xx

·         Register for one section for each ensemble

·         1 unit

·         Does not count for GE

·         No limit on the number of ensembles you can register for

·         Repeatable for credit

 MUS 400

·         Register for two sections (see above)

·         Total of 3 units

·         Area C Upper Division GE

·         Can be used once only

·         Not repeatable for credit