An unlabled score of music

Afro-Cuban Recital Hour concert, directed by John Calloway

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Event Time 01:00 p.m. - 02:00 p.m. PT
Cost Free
Location Knuth Hall
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The Afro-Cuban Ensemble will present a variety of music that is reflective of Cuba, the Caribbean, Latin America and the U.S.

Afro-Cuban Ensemble of SF State University

“Fall Sampler”

La Cuna Jaui Schnieder

Simplemente una Ilusion Gilberto Monroig

L-O-V-E Kampfert & Gabler

Que Se Sepa Titi Soto

Memphis Underground Herbie Mann

Jazzy Willie Colon

Amor de Millones Sara Gonzalez

Trumpet: Christine Hosfeldt, Bricen Shepard

Trombone: Gaby Aldaz, Faiyaz Chaudhury, Alex Vanscoy

Saxophones: Keith Jones, Charles Lambert

Flute: Tess Moore

Guitar: Leo Nava, Erika Toda

Cuban Tres: Leo Nava

Piano: Gaby Aldaz, Matthew DeCamara

Bass: Jake Allen, Mateo Jordan

Drums: Andrew Roggero, Caleb Rounds

Percussion: Wilmer De Los Rios, Grayson Kohary, Amanda Magaña

Rebecca Rodriguez, Jiovani Valdivia, Bianca Zelaya

Vocalists: Ting Alvarez, Jordan Givens, Amanda Magaña, Ani Mayoral,

Caroline Wolfson, Rebecca Rodriguez, Andres Sagrados, Jiovani Valdivia

Director: John Calloway

About the program: Today’s concert is a sampler of some of the semester’s repertoire that we are previewing for our winter concert on Thursday December 8th

Thanks to: Ryan Mead, Irving Santana, Paul Wilson, School of Music office staff.

About the Ensemble: Formed in 1999, the Afro-Cuban Ensemble is dedicated to preserving and performing Cuban popular music and other Latin American music genres. The ensemble’s mission is to demonstrate to audiences the richness of Cuban music and other Latin American styles that have so influenced American music since the 19th century.

“Art opens up a sacred space.” – Luis J. Rodriguez

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