Dean Suzuki

Dean Suzuki

Music History
Location: Creative Arts Building, Room 145

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Dean Suzuki, Ph.D., Historical Musicology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Doctoral Dissertation: “Minimal Music: Its Evolution...and Relation to the Visual Arts.” Recent publications include: “Minimalism in the Time-Based Arts: Dance, Film and Video” in The Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Post-Minimalist Music and “Polypoetical Collision: Text-Sound Composition, Minimal and Postminimal Music, Rock and Jazz” in Polypoetry: 30 years 1987-2017; forthcoming article: “Say It Out Loud, Again and Again: Minimalism in American Text-Sound Composition.” Music essays and criticism for, Progression, ao.

Focus: 20th Century Music, Minimal Music, Text-Sound Composition/Sound Poetry, Rock History/Experimental Rock, Modern Music and the Arts

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