School of Music announces exciting new summer online course in game audio

MUS 434 Intro for Sound for Games

This summer San Francisco State University School of Music will offer MUS 434 Introduction to Sound for Games. A three-unit hybrid summer course, which combines synchronous and asynchronous instruction via Zoom, trains teachers, students, and audio professionals in the art and craft of sound for games.

Class Schedule:
On-line Course Runs June 1- July 2, 2020
Special Live Class Sessions via Zoom:
• Wednesday, June 17 @ 12-5PM PST
• Friday, June 19 @ 12-5PM PST
• Wednesday, June 24 @ 12-5PM PST
• Friday, June 26 @ 12-5PM PST
• Thursday July 2, 12-4PM PST

Course Listing:
MUS 434 [01 ] - Introduction to Sound for Games

Registration Information:
Current SFSU Students:  Registration Opens April 6
Non-SFSU Students:  Registration Opens April 11 (How to Register | See SFSU Open University for more information)

Questions?  Contact us at

About the Class
In this groundbreaking class, attendees will learn basic concepts in game audio implementation from the experts who wrote the book, Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney, co-founders of the Game Audio Institute (GAI). The online course will be offered as part of SFSU’s R1 summer session and will combine self-paced online instruction with 5 live, intensive ZOOM sessions.

“This summer class is really unique,” says School of Music Chair, Cyrus Ginwala, “it is especially great for teachers who would like to include game audio in their classrooms. We are thrilled to provide them with the resources they need.”

The course is tailored to work with all levels of experience: from teachers looking bring game audio into their classrooms to beginners looking to find out more about how to break into the business; composers who want to find out more about the differences between linear and non-linear media; and game industry veterans who just want to get current on the latest developments. At the end of the class attendees will receive a package that includes step-by-step guides, rubrics and lesson plans.

Students get the chance to learn at their own pace and develop a strong theoretical understanding of sound for games. Then for the live-via-ZOOM sessions, students will spend face to face time working in real time with Steve and Scott.

“Game Audio is a tricky business,” said course instructor Horowitz. “There is a lot of information to cover. Most importantly one must have an understanding of workflow and how interactive media differs in its process from linear media like film and TV. In this new hybrid course, we’ll guide attendees through the process using industry standard software and GAI materials.”

Enrollment for current SFSU students begins on April 6th. Starting April 11th non-SFSU students can enroll for the course the College of Extended Learning’s Open University.

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