Graduate Placement Exam

Classification and Placement Exams for Graduate Studies

Incoming graduate students must take classification exams for both the university and the School of Music.

Classification exams for Graduate Students:

  • The Music History placement exam is a multiple choice test with both a written and an administered listening portion. Time limit: Three Hours
  • The Music Theory exam is a take-home exam. Time limit: 24 Hours.
  • The Ear Training placement exam is offered during every live audition date, and on Graduate Placement Exam Days as well (usually one week before the start of each semester). It is a one-hour administered test.

Recent SF State music graduates may be exempted from one or more of these requirements. Contact the graduate coordinator for further information.

Program Requirements and Curriculum

For graduates, the normal load during spring and fall is from nine to twelve units per semester and seven units during the summer. For international students immigration regulations require a minimum academic load of twelve units for undergraduates and eight units for graduates for spring, fall and summer semesters.