Bachelor of Music

An exciting and intensive learning experience, our Bachelor of Music degree trains educators, performers and scholars. Bachelor of Music (B.M.) emphases within the program provide specialized study in piano, vocal, and instrumental performance; composition; jazz; history and literature; and music education (credential preparation). This high-unit degree prepares students for graduate study or for various professional opportunities. Most B.M. students study receive weekly lessons with a member of the applied faculty during each semester of their degree. Candidates for the B.M. may apply either before or after enrolling at SF State.

Audition Requirements for the Bachelor of Music

Audition repertoire: Applicants should prepare standard selections which give an accurate impression of their highest level of playing and demonstrate a high potential for instrumental mastery. These might include scales and arpeggios, classical solos or etudes for solo instrument/voice, works with orchestral accompaniment, and excerpts from ensemble repertoire or jazz standards. B.M. applicants should prepare approximately 20 minutes of music; M.M. applicants should prepare 30 minutes of music. B.A. applicants who choose to audition should prepare 10 minutes of music. Applicants may bring an accompanist, but this is optional.

If you have further questions about the specifics of your audition, please contact one of our see the Audition Page.